Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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End your summer on a Parisian note! Paris, Rue des Martyrs is free on Amazon through Aug. 31.

The tranquil apartment building on Rue des Martyrs holds secrets, tumultuous relationships and strangers whose lives entwine in unexpected ways… Rafael Mendez arrives in Paris one rainy night looking for a trace of his birth mother. Instead, he finds himself tangled in a web of lies and facing startling discoveries about his family.

His path crosses with those of Cecile, Andre and Mira, who also are on life-changing quests: to uncover family secrets, to grasp a new chance at love and to repair mistakes of the past.

Will they help each other move forward, or will the truths they unravel leave them shattered forever?

"A riveting, what-happens-next read." - Lisa Barr, award-winning author of Fugitive Colors

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