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Ever-hopeful Lia thinks she’ll be with handsome, brooding Jake forever. Until one day he completely blindsides her and makes her question everything she knows… 

Lia Townsend is expecting a ring and a trip to Hawaii for her fifth wedding anniversary. Instead, her husband, Jake, walks out on her. Out of the blue. Devastated, Lia vows to win back Jake and the perfect life they shared.

Because it was perfect, wasn’t it?

But as Lia searches for the truth behind Jake’s departure, the cracks in the shiny varnish begin to show. And once she uncovers his secret, all that she once knew and believed in crumbles.

Lia’s eccentric mother, her best friend, and two vastly different men each pull her in new directions, and Lia attempts to push past the pain and start anew.

But Jake isn’t gone for good. When an accident rocks the lives of their best friends, Lia and Jake are thrown together. Will Lia choose to salvage her old life with the man who broke her heart – or was everything they shared an illusion?

Praise for Forgetting Ophelia:

An emotionally compelling story about love, the lies we tell, and new beginnings. I couldn't put it down! - Robin Bielman, USA Today best-selling author

Lia is a brave, human, and affectionate heroine who will inspire and charm readers. An engaging read! - K.S.R. Burns, best-selling author of The Paris Effect and Paris Ever After

Forgetting Ophelia is part of Julie C. Gardner's Friendship & Secrets series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but all have ties to the world of friendship and secrets rooted in Conejo Springs, California. Find the Friendship & Secrets books on Amazon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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End your summer on a Parisian note! Paris, Rue des Martyrs is free on Amazon through Aug. 31.

The tranquil apartment building on Rue des Martyrs holds secrets, tumultuous relationships and strangers whose lives entwine in unexpected ways… Rafael Mendez arrives in Paris one rainy night looking for a trace of his birth mother. Instead, he finds himself tangled in a web of lies and facing startling discoveries about his family.

His path crosses with those of Cecile, Andre and Mira, who also are on life-changing quests: to uncover family secrets, to grasp a new chance at love and to repair mistakes of the past.

Will they help each other move forward, or will the truths they unravel leave them shattered forever?

"A riveting, what-happens-next read." - Lisa Barr, award-winning author of Fugitive Colors

Find Paris, Rue des Martyrs on Amazon!

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We love recommending books, not just from our own list at Velvet Morning Press, but from beyond as well. So here are our favorites, which we hope you'll add to your reading list.

And the good news is they're all on sale, from free to $2.99!

The Alabama setting and emotional journey drew us in to this book. Althea Bell's story begins with her mother's last words... What follows is a gripping exploration of family secrets and a discovery of the past. Can Althea save herself from her ancestors' disturbing history?

Find Burying the Honeysuckle Girls on Amazon for $1.99.

The tranquil apartment building on Rue des Martyrs holds secrets, tumultuous relationships and strangers whose lives entwine in unexpected ways… Rafael, Mira, Andre and Cecile are each on life-changing quests. Can they help each other, or will the truths they unravel destroy them? If you enjoy stories of how our lives connect with those around us, you'll enjoy this uncommon trip to Paris.

Find Paris, Rue des Martyrs on Amazon for free.

The third book in Adriana Trigiani's bestselling Big Stone Gap series continues the life story of Ave Maria Mulligan MacChesney. It's the story of love, motherhood, marriage, and is told in Trigiani's lyrical style. The characters, as always, are unforgettable, and we enjoyed meeting some of our favorites once again.

Find Milk Glass Moon on Amazon for $1.99.

A handsome celebrity chef. A treacherous ex. Can Verena Valent survive the biggest break of her career, or will it break her? Jan Moran brings us the glamour of California, and a touch of beautiful Paris, in this book of romance, friendship and family ties.

Find Flawless on Amazon for free. 

Alice Edevane's family abandons their lakeside estate in Cornwall after their youngest child disappears. Years later, young detective Sadie Sparrow discovers the ruins and has a closer look... A series of events bring her and Alice together, uncovering a shocking past. A book that kept us reading late into the night!

Find The Lake House on Amazon for $2.99.

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Paris Ever After by best-selling author K.S.R. Burns is now available in audiobook format!

Produced by Tantor Audio and narrated by the talented Elise Arsenault, the book tells the story of Amy, who sneaks off to Paris for the trip of a lifetime. We initially met Amy in The Paris Effect. The Paris Effect and Paris Ever After can be read/listened to alone or as a set.

Can Amy’s rocky start in Paris turn into a happy ever after? 

Amy didn’t realize how stale her life was until she jetted off to Paris without telling a soul—not even her husband—and had the adventure of a lifetime. Now as she tries to establish herself in the City of Light, she finds that despite a fun (and quirky) group of friends and the ability to indulge in French pastries whenever she wants, reinventing her life is much harder than she imagined.

Then on Amy’s thirtieth birthday, two unexpected visitors leave her wondering if she will soon be saying au revoir to Paris and the new life she’s struggled to build. Her estranged husband, Will, shows up—but is he interested in reconciliation or separation? And a young woman who arrives on Amy’s doorstep unleashes chaos that could push Amy out into the street.

Amid secrets and surprises, set in enchanting gardens, cozy cafés, and glittering Parisian streets, Amy must choose between two very different worlds. And each has a claim on her heart.

As Amy’s Parisian dream starts to fall apart, she must decide: return to the stability of Will and Phoenix (if that’s even still an option) or forge her way forward in Paris?

Find Paris Ever After on Amazon!

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Letters for Scarlet by best-selling author Julie C. Gardner is now available in audiobook format, thanks to Tantor Audio! The book is read by the award-winning Melissa Moran, who has narrated more than seventy audiobooks.

What would you do if you received a letter from your past self? Sweet Corie and fiery Scarlet were best friends. Inseparable. Sisters of the heart. Until that one life-changing night they both wish they could take back…

Twenty-eight-year old Corie Harper embarks on an emotional journey after receiving a graduation letter she forgot she wrote. Although she spent a decade hiding her secrets, each page reminds her of the friendship she lost with her best friend, Scarlet, when her now-husband, Tucker, got between them.

Scarlet, who hasn’t seen Corie since, blazed her own path and left the past far behind. Or so she thinks. Pregnant with a baby she’s scared to have, Scarlet must decide if she wants to continue alone or find the courage to mend her broken friendship.

Can these former best friends overcome the betrayal that changed their lives?

Find Letters for Scarlet on Amazon! 

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Summer wouldn't be summer without the pool... and a romantic read! Whether you enjoy steamy, sweet, comedy or anything else that involves L-O-V-E, we've got a recommendation you'll enjoy! 

You'll love sassy Laney Delaney, the charming far-from-perfect heroine of this story that will have you laughing, commiserating and cheering for a happy ever after. (The book was previously titled Frosted Cowboy, named after a drink Laney orders at a bar when she locks eyes with sexy screenwriter Tom.) If you like feel-good books, this one is for you.

Find Another Shot at Love on Amazon.

Books by Robin Bielman always are a delightful escape, making them ideal for your summer reading. In this one, part of the Kisses in the Sand series, Olivia blurts out that she and her best friend Danny are engaged and expecting a baby. But what happens when an agreement between friends starts to look more and more like the real deal?

Find The Best Friend Bargain on Amazon.

A second-chance romance set in steamy L.A. Add a sexy baseball player and a spunky heroine and you've got the elements of a great summer read. When Evan runs into baseball player Jesse a decade after he walked out on her, sparks fly. But a dark family secret threatens to put their second chance in jeopardy...

Find The Whole Man on Amazon.

Inglath Cooper knows how to write stories that touch our hearts. You'll love this one, about Ren and Lizzy discovering each other and rediscovering themselves in beautiful Tuscany. Two people with seemingly nothing in common. One life-changing month.

Find That Month in Tuscany on Amazon. 

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A beach bag isn't a beach bag without a good romantic comedy inside! And we've got the perfect book for you.

Check out this excerpt from Another Shot at Love by Charlene Ross (previously published as Frosted Cowboy)...

I study the drink menu as if my life depends on it. And I guess in a way it does. It’s time to shake things up. I will not be drinking my usual margarita or cosmo tonight.

“I’ll have a Frosted Cowboy,” I tell the bartender as I look around the bar at this supposed Hollywood hot spot and wonder what the hell I’m doing here. Every woman in the room is wearing some kind of cowboy getup and bright red lipstick à la the newest Katy Perry video featuring her incredibly sexy rodeo-star boyfriend-of-the-week.  And the men, sans lipstick, don’t look much different. 

“What’s in this thing?” I ask the bartender. 

“Can’t be giving away all my secrets.” He winks.

I bet he goes home with a different girl every night. Maybe tonight, it could be me. Oh God, what am I doing here? I’ve never gone home with a guy at a bar in my life. And where is Natalie? She’s late, and I’m already starting to feel a buzz from my new favorite drink. I should have tagged along to her work dinner instead of meeting her here.

I hope I don’t look too stupid in these satin pants and a western shirt. And this ridiculous cowboy hat has already ruined my hair for the night. 

“Everybody will be wearing a hat at this place,” Natalie said when we went shopping. “You’ll totally stand out if you’re not.” 

I thought standing out was a good thing. 

“Don’t you think I’m a little old for this fake cowboy gear?” I asked her when I looked in the dressing room mirror.

“No way!” Natalie said. “You look hot. Thirties are the new twenties.” 

Sigh. So here I sit amongst super-hip, ultra-skinny, beautiful people; a thirty-two-year-old Katy Perry wannabe, waiting for my fabulous single friend. If I had known the bar scene was going to be like this, I might have forgiven Kyle. Of course it’s pretty hard to get over walking in on your fiancé and a slutty paralegal from his office in the discovery phase. On the kitchen counter. I couldn’t picture myself chopping vegetables there again. But honestly, spraying the counter with a little bleach and pretending I’d never witnessed him inserting his brief into her filing cabinet might be preferable to hanging out in hipster cowboy bars every Saturday night. 

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror behind the bar. Under this stupid hat, I have mousy brown hair I’ve been disguising as strawberry-blonde for as long as I can remember. My hairdresser has been trying to convince me for years to ditch my just-past-the-shoulders style, but being a creature of habit, I find that if something works, you stick with it. 

The lids of my light-green eyes are caked in glittery eye shadow, and for once, my nose, which is small and turns up a bit, isn’t shiny. I rarely wear lipstick even though my full lips are probably my best feature, but tonight they’re glossy and pink.

I’m relatively thin, but I don’t have that great of a figure. Broad shoulders, small boobs, and an ass that could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Fortunately, I was blessed with a small waist and flat stomach, a bit of an hourglass shape. A pear-shaped hourglass anyway.

My hot bartender boyfriend slides over another Frosted Cowboy and points toward the end of the bar. “From the guy in the cowboy hat.” 
They’re all wearing cowboy hats. 

“That guy?” I ask hopefully, pointing to the hottie at the end of the bar. “The one with the light blue shirt with pearl snaps?”

“Nope,” the bartender tells me. “The one with the big Smith & Wesson belt buckle standing next to him.” 

I look down the bar to spot my benefactor. Ugh. It figures. 

He strolls over to me. “Looked like you needed a fresh drink,” he says. 

“Thanks, but I was getting ready to leave.” 

“But I saw you walk in,” he says. “You just got here.” 

Oh great, a stalker. 

“My friend’s late. I’m not into hanging out alone until she gets here.” 

As soon as the words leave my mouth I realize my rookie mistake. 

“Why don’t you hang out with us until she gets here?” 

Mr. Pearl Snaps smiles and raises his glass. 

Well, well, well. Maybe I will stay. But I need to figure out a way to lose Mr. Smith & Wesson. Pretty tricky considering I’ve been out of the game for seven years, but I’m always up for a challenge.

“Thanks,” I say, picking up my Frosted Cowboy. “Why not?”

“Hi,” I say to Mr. Pearl Snaps. 

“Hi yourself,” he shoots back. Wow! This guy is even better looking up close. He looks exactly like Chris Pine. Except with darker hair and brown eyes. “I’m Tom, and I see you’ve already met Bill. What’s your name?”

I shake my head and realize I’m staring. “Sorry. For a minute you kind of looked like someone else.”

“I know. I look just like Chris Pine but with brown eyes. I get that all the time.”
Did he say, I look just like Chris Pine?! Ha! What an ego! Is this what single guys are like these days?

“That’s quite a coincidence,” I say. “People are always telling me I look just like that chick who was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition this year. We both have green eyes, and we are both women. Of course I’m not an emaciated lollipop with a boob job, and we have different color hair, but other than that…” 

“Touché,” Tom says to me, tipping his hat. 

“Zing. She got you there, buddy,” Bill says. “I’m gonna like hanging out with you.” 

“I haven’t decided if you guys get to or not.”

Tom looks at me with those deep brown eyes and says, “You’re feisty. I like that.” 

Oh my God. Tom may have quite the ego, but he is so sexy. Feisty. No one has ever called me feisty before. I was just trying to be funny. I don’t know if I can keep all this feistiness up. 

Find Another Shot at Love on Amazon.