Monday, June 25, 2018

On Monday, June 25, 2018 by Adria J. Cimino in

Step into the romance and mystery of Provence, for only $0.99! A Perfumer's Secret by Adria J. Cimino is on sale today through June 30 on Amazon.

Praise for A Perfumer's Secret:

Filled with the vivid sites and scents of alluring Provence, Ms. Cimino delivers an intriguing story of love, family ties... and French perfume. -- Diane Haeger, best-selling author

A beautifully descriptive journey into a perfumer's world where lush French scenery, long-held family secrets, irresistible romance, and magnificent scents are brought to life on the page by this talented author. -- Juliette Sobanet, best-selling author of Meet Me in Paris

I loved A Perfumer's Secret. How could I not? From the first line, I was caught up in it and unable to put it down. -- Cathy Lamb, author of My Very Best Friend

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