Friday, June 8, 2018

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Looking for a novel with strong women characters that will inspire you? Check out Paris Jungle by Adria J. Cimino. You'll love this story of friendship, love and a woman's fight against workplace discrimination. 

“An insider's look inside the messy world of high finance—a kind of Devil Wears Prada for international investment firms—Paris Jungle also delivers a poignant modern love story set in Paris. What's not to love?” – Award-winning author Amy Impellizzeri

Wanda Julienne is living the dream in Paris. Until the sexual harassment starts… Wanda has it all – the perfect job, a passionate romance, and a lust for life. But when she returns to work from maternity leave, her world is turned upside down. Suddenly, everything she does is wrong, at least in the eyes of her bully of a boss. She’s blamed for things she didn’t do and is set up to take a very big fall. Add in a dose of unwanted sexual advances, and Wanda, who can't afford to lose her job, is trapped watching her dream life crumble around her.

To make matters worse, the problems at work spill over to her personal life as she pushes away her lover and her friends, and barely has time for her newborn baby.

Can Wanda survive the cut-throat world of finance and reconnect with the ones she loves to find her happy ever after in Paris?

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(Previously published as The Creepshow.)