Monday, September 22, 2014

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Hello there fellow book lovers! At least, we assume you love books or else you wouldn't be here.

Where's "here" exactly?

Velvet Morning Press

We're Velvet Morning Press, an indie publishing house dedicated to discovering talented writers. When we do, we turn our author's manuscript into tomorrow's next best seller through careful editing, proofreading, formatting, publishing, marketing, and PR. Interested in submitting your work? Check out the Publishing and Submissions tabs above!

Prefer the self-publishing route? We support that, too! We want you to get your best work out in the world, and sometimes you prefer to do it on your own but need a little help in certain areas. Check out our author services to see which parts of the publishing process we can help you with.

And check back here for our latest blog posts with industry tips and tricks. A perfect way for a writer to start the day. Well, besides a steaming cup of coffee.