Do you have a manuscript you'd like another set of eyes on? Need help for a final proofread? Looking to pitch an article somewhere but want to make sure it's absolutely perfect first? We're here to help! Our editing and proofreading services are intended to polish up your finished manuscript/short story/article.


We provide "light editing," meaning we will smooth out sentence or paragraph structure or make recommendations for such adjustments. We will also offer general recommendations regarding the structure of the manuscript as a whole. We will not rewrite or provide extensive revisions to the manuscript.

Price: $0.04/word (100,000 words or less)


We correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Price: $0.03/word (100,000 words or less)

Contact us at to get started!

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In addition to our editing services, we offer these other "A La Carte" services for authors:
Our "A La Carte" offerings are separate from our work as a publisher. We do not guarantee or even suggest that by using our A La Carte offerings we will accept your manuscript for publication. All fees for "A La Carte" services must be paid upfront.

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