Getting the first 10 reviews on Amazon is crucial. It starts the Amazon algorithm churning and gives your book credibility. It opens doors to other promotional opportunities, like being featured in BookBub and other daily deals emails. As a bonus, if reviewers cross-post to Goodreads and their own blogs, you receive extra exposure.

But getting 10 reviews—outside of friends and family—isn't easy. Reviewers have huge backlogs of books to read and will only accept yours if it stands out and if you follow their submission guidelines to the T. You can count on only 25% of those you contact actually accepting your book for review and following through on posting the review to Amazon. Therefore, to get those first 10 reviews, we recommend contacting at least 40 reviewers, and the more qualified the better.

List of Reviewers

We can save you time by providing you a list of 40 reviewers matched to your book. They will be:
  • Reviewers we have a previous relationship with
  • Actively accepting reviews
  • Interested in your book's genre
We will deliver one list with 40 reviewers, and the list will include each reviewer's name, blog name, blog address, and a link to their submission guidelines. You will be responsible for contacting them and following their specific submission guidelines.

Price: $100

Full-Service Review Package

In addition to generating the list above, we will contact each of the 40 reviewers and handle the tedious task of providing the different elements of your book (synopsis, cover, release date, publisher, etc.) to each one in their preferred format. We will follow up with each reviewer one time to encourage them to leave a review. We will deliver a final report of all posted reviews and where they were posted (Amazon, Goodreads, the reviewers' own blogs).

Price: $1,000

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In addition to our editing services, we offer these other "A La Carte" services for authors:
Our "A La Carte" offerings are separate from our work as a publisher. We do not guarantee or even suggest that by using our A La Carte offerings we will accept your manuscript for publication. All fees for "A La Carte" services must be paid upfront.

If you are instead looking to be published by Velvet Morning Press, you'll want to read our submission guidelines.