Many writers just want to write! We get that. If you don't have the time or know-how to market your own book, we are happy to help!

Book Giveaways

We recommend running a LibraryThing giveaway and Goodreads giveaway for the following reasons:
  • Readers will be encouraged to put your book on their shelf, increasing exposure for your book in their feeds and also creating future potential buyers.
  • Readers will be encouraged to leave reviews.
We will set up these giveaways for you, using best practice guidelines to get the maximum results (reviews and people putting your book on their shelves) for minimum time and cost investment. We will provide you with the winner's list at the end of the giveaway (for Goodreads) and will contact the LibraryThing winners on your behalf and provide them with their free ecopy.

Price: $50 (per giveaway)

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We write punchy and effective book blurbs, author bios, ad blurbs—whatever you need.

Price: $75/hour

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Blog and Social Media Plan

We will provide a high-level plan for how you can use your blog and social media to drive book sales, turning your marketing efforts into a sales funnel with a personable front. We will deliver a minimum of a one-page Word document with our plan and recommendations, customized for you.

Price: $100

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Price Pulsing

One of the best ways to get your new release in front of an engaged, targeted audience is by doing a price promotion. There are two reasons for this:
  1. You reduce the barrier to entry, enticing more readers to try out a new author than would have at a higher price. While they're spending less money now, they are more likely to go on to read your other full-priced titles.
  2. You gain access to the daily deals emails (some with readership in the millions), who only promote books that are on sale. Readers use these emails as a discovery tool, and a very large percentage go on to buy your other works, sometimes even in the same week you run your promotion!
We will assist you with the following:
  • Determining your best sale price, and your best original price. Daily deals emails look not only for a low sale price but for a high % reduction. If your original price is too low, your deal won't be as enticing (not to mention you might be selling yourself short!) If your original price is too high, you might be limiting full-priced sales during non-promo periods.
  • Determining the best dates to run your price promotion.
  • Determining the best categories for your book to be placed in so that you have the greatest chance of reaching #1 in at least one of your categories, and thus becoming an Amazon Best Seller, while still being relevant to your book.
We will provide you an Excel file containing the following:
  • The results of the analysis above: recommended sale price for your book, recommended promo dates, and recommended categories.
  • A list of each site for you to submit to, including links to the submission page, pricing information, and any other essential information.
  • A list of Twitter accounts you can tweet to about your promotion, in the hopes that they will share your deal with their audience.
You will have everything you need to handle the submissions yourself. You will be responsible for paying the submission fees to each site. Price: $175, excluding submission fees Note: We cannot guaranteed you will recoup your costs when doing a price promo with us. We do our best to get you to #1, but many factors are at play!

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Newsletter Set-Up

As an author, one of the most important ways you can build your readership is through your newsletter. You'll be able to communicate with these loyal fans about new releases and sale prices, ask them for reviews, and offer them exclusive content or rewards for being members of your list. These people will be your biggest cheerleaders as you launch your career! So it's important to treat them right: don't email them all the time, don't annoy them with irrelevant content, and offer them goodies often enough to keep them coming back for more.

Need help getting this all set up? We can:
- Set up your mailing list for you in MailChimp, including importing your intial contact list and adding the sign-up form to your website.
- Add additional sign-up forms, like Mail Munch, Hello Bar, and custom banners.
- Create a nice, pretty link (e.g. that makes it easy to share everywhere.
- Provide recommendations on how frequently to mail your readers, what types of content to include in your newsletter, and how to make money from your email campaigns.

You may want us to help with all of the above or just pieces. Therefore we charge $75/hour so that we can adapt to what you need. Projects can take around 1-5 hours.


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Reader Magnets

You may have heard of the concept of a "reader magnet" from indie author Nick Stephenson. We love that guy. He gives great advice on how to market your books, and we highly recommend you read his book Reader Magnets. He also offers online training at a reasonable price and can help you get all set up. Or you can come to us!

First, let's explain reader magnets in just a little more detail. The idea is that ultimately you'd like to get avid readers onto your mailing list so that you can contact them about new releases, special prices, and anything else that might interest them. But people are hesitant to part with their email address, particularly to an author they've never heard of. And even if they do give you their email address, the chances of them buying your work when they don't even know what you write are slim.

Enter reader magnets. This is a free incentive for people to join your email list. It's best if it's a book (it can be short) that's inline with what you write so that it gives people a feel for your style. They join your mailing list, you give them a free book. They like your writing, then they're more likely to buy one of your books next time you email them about it.

How do you get this set up? You may be comfortable doing some or all parts by yourself, but here's everything we can help you with:
- Brainstorming an idea for a reader magnet that will attract the right audience for you and your books.
- Editing and formatting your reader magnet in ebook format (to make available online after readers sign up to your mailing list) and in paperback format (which is great for in-person events and giveaways).
- Setting up the entire process from A-Z: creating banners and sign-up forms on your site advertising the free book, creating the landing page for the newsletter sign-up, implementing and designing the welcome email new subscribers received, creating the subscribers-only page where they can download your free book, and any other steps of the set-up process.

You may want us to help with all of the above or just pieces. Therefore we charge $75/hour so that we can adapt to what you need.

- Confessions & Cocktails, a collection of essays & cocktail recipes from author Vicki Lesage
(Get it free here)
- Flore, a short story from author Adria J. Cimino
(Get it free here)
- Writing Isn't Sexy, a writer's manifesto and guide from author Katie Rose Guest Pryal
(Get it free here)
- Lush in Translation, a short story from author Aimee Horton
(Get it free here)

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In addition to our editing services, we offer these other "A La Carte" services for authors:
Our "A La Carte" offerings are separate from our work as a publisher. We do not guarantee or even suggest that by using our A La Carte offerings we will accept your manuscript for publication. All fees for "A La Carte" services must be paid upfront.

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