We offer two types of formatting services. One is specifically for Kindle Scout books, which have been published in ebook form and are now ready for print format. The other option is for 100% self-published books, where we prepare your finished manuscript for publishing. Our expertise ensures your self-published book will look just as good as the big guys.

Option 1: Print Publishing for Kindle Scout ebooks

While having an ebook is a great way to get your work out there, there are some additional benefits to having a print book:
  • Increase revenue from print sales. You retain full rights and royalties.
  • Increase ebook sales. When Amazon displays the price of your print book next to the price of your ebook, it encourages hesitant ebook purchasers to take the plunge because of the perceived bargain.
  • Get your book into bookstores. This, obviously, offers an additional revenue stream.
  • Participate in local events. Sell (and sign!) your print books at book fairs, readings and festivals.
  • Hold your book in your own hands. Priceless!
  • Increase visibility on Goodreads by doing a giveaway. This is a great way to get readers to add your book to their shelves and to get reviews, but Goodreads only accepts print books for giveaways.
  • Increase visiblity on Amazon by doing a giveaway. This is a great way to get readers to follow you on Twitter (one of the required options) and to increase your exposure on Amazon.
Interested? Here's what our service includes:
  • Professional formatting of manuscript for printing.
  • Cover design for the spine and back cover based on your existing cover.
  • Back-end set up on Createspace so that you don't have to do a thing!
All you need to do is send us your manuscript and front cover, and we'll take care of the rest! Our typical turnaround time is two weeks.

Price per book: $999 $699 through the end of the month

Contact us at contact@velvetmorningpress.com for more information!

Please note: We are not affiliated with Amazon or Amazon Press. We are an independent publishing press that also offers services to authors via our Author Services branch.

Option 2: Print and/or ebook Publishing for Self-Published Authors

Step 1: Prepare file for print publishing

  • We start with your Word doc. We'll do a quick assessment of the shape it's in. If it's clean and consistent overall (e.g. curly quotes vs. straight quotes, single space after a period, etc.) we can begin formatting. If we determine additional "clean-up" is necessary, we can make the changes for $50/hour or can provide you a checklist of items to be completed.
  • We will apply appropriate formatting and styles for print publications so that all layouts, chapter titles, table of contents, etc. use a consistent style.
  • We will output a file ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace.
Price per book: Contact us at contact@velvetmorningpress.com.

Step 2: Prepare e-file for publishing

  • We take the file from Step 1 and prepare it for e-publishing, taking into account the differences in that format
  • We will include clickable hyperlinks (where relevant).
  • We will output a file ready to be uploaded to KDP.
Price per book: Contact us at contact@velvetmorningpress.com.

Step 3: Convert e-file to epub and mobi

  • We will take the finished file from Step 2 and convert it to epub and mobi to be used as ARCs/free copies, and also to submit to other publishing sites.
  • If you already have your own html file, we use that instead of going through Step 2, but we will have to review your file before accepting it to be sure it's in conversion-ready format.
Price per book: Contact us at contact@velvetmorningpress.com.

In addition to our editing services, we offer these other "A La Carte" services for authors:
Our "A La Carte" offerings are separate from our work as a publisher. We do not guarantee or even suggest that by using our A La Carte offerings we will accept your manuscript for publication. All fees for "A La Carte" services must be paid upfront.

If you are instead looking to be published by Velvet Morning Press, you'll want to read our submission guidelines.